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Roasting Notes:  Medium - city roast brings out the best flavor for this bean.


Tasting Notes:  This is a wonderful medium bodied, low acidity and rich coffee.  It has a little hint of acidity upfront which leaves a little hint of caramel, with a chocolaty and smooth pinch of a spic note.  

  • How to brew your coffee

    What do you need to brew a great cup of coffee!!

    First, start with a great coffee bean that has been roasted correctly.

    Next - Get the right equipment to grind and brew your coffee.  

    1.   Burr Grinder (Evenly grinds to maintain flavor profile) 

    2.  Gooseneck kettle (Provides temperature and pour control)

    3.  Pour over system (clean, efficient, pure flavor delivery)

    Brewing Process:

    1.  Wet coffee filter.  Place coffee in filter at 15:1 ratio of Water to Coffee

    2.  Heat water to 205 degrees.  Wet coffee & let bloom one minute.

    3.  Pour remaining water on coffee

  • Return and Refund Policy

    Once the beans are shipped, their is no return.  We perfect our roasting to ensure you are getting what is advertised.  We use the best equipment available to us and take care to watch over each and every roast.  

  • Shipping

    We roast, package and ship beans once a week to ensure their freshness.   The beans are packaged in a vented coffee bag that notes the type of bean and roasting date.  Shipping charges will be added to your bill.

  • Packaging Information

    The beans are packaged in a vented coffee bag that identifies the type of bean and roasting date.   The vent is a one-way valve that allows coffee to emit the CO2 gas that accumulates after roasting.  It also allows the CO2 gas to displace air that was originally in the bag that contributes to degradation of the coffee.

  • Coffee Bean Weight

    We carefully roast one pound of Green Coffee Beans.  During the roasting process, coffee beans lose the majority of their moisture resulting in the weight of the beans dropping.  Each roasted batch will ultimately weigh between 14.5 - 15.5 ounces.  

1 Pound
Color: Black
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